Spring Bridal Show Ticket Giveaway

Spring Bridal Show Ticket Giveaway

Posted by admin on January 21, 2019

Congratulations you two!

For the tickets and more importantly for your engagement!!

Luke and Regan met, as most solid and great relationship start, at Texas A&M. WHOOP! Through a mutual friend, they met, began to hang out, and quickly realized they were meant for each other. The last 3 years of their relationship have been an adventure! Now fast forwarding to December 23, 2018 for another adventure, I’ll let Regan tell their proposal story. 

“My family went on a ski-trip to Keystone, Colorado this past Christmas break. I'll skip the unrelenting altitude sickness and dislocated shoulder and dive right into the day of the proposal. My family spent the morning sledding on a hill adjacent to our condo; around 11, we decided we'd head back to our room and warm up. On the walk, we started planning the rest of our day. Luke immediately suggested we take family pictures at Sapphire's Point since that day would be the only sunny one we'd have in Colorado and, therefore, would be conducive for nice family photos. I nodded politely but kind of shrugged off the idea-there was NO way my dad would go for that. He had already paid for our lift tickets & Poppa B was not going to waste his precious ski time!”

“ We took a quick poll and to my surprise, everyone voted for Luke's idea! I remember thinking it was fishy, but gladly agreed. My body was aching from the frequent falls I took on all of the black diam- OKAY, bunny hills -you got me, the day before. My only condition was that I would be taking pictures in my ski clothes so I wouldn't waste time changing back into them afterwards.”

“After 30 minutes of being difficult, my family FINALLY convinced me to take a shower and look decent for pictures (thank gosh!!). We (my mom, dad, younger sister, Luke, and I) drove over to Sapphire's Point and hiked 3/4 of a mile to the top of the mountain. We made it to the peak and Luke asked my mom to kick off family photos by snapping a picture of the two of us. As we posed, he turned, grabbed both of my hands and began reminding me of all the special moments we'd shared over the past few years like our first kiss, first trip, celebrating getting into nursing school and him landing his first job, etc. (well, at least I think..I blacked out for a minute). He lunged down on one knee & popped the 4-worded question. My response? "YES! YES! YES!" It was the most magical day with the most magical man in the most magical place. I'm SO glad I showered!”

We are giving away 4 more pairs of tickets to the Spring Bridal Show on Sunday February 24, 2019 here in College Station.

Send us your engagement story to for your chance to be featured and win some tickets!