What do chopsticks and twins have in common?

Posted by Bride's Guide on September 19, 2014

What do chopsticks and twins have in common? There are TWO of them!! Okay, okay, not a funny joke….BUT, there are TWO days until the bridal show, and that’s something to smile about!

  • Be prepared to say enough is enough! We know the show will wear you and your compadres out, but we don’t want you to make impulsive and quick decisions without thinking them over. Make it your mission to try and visit every single booth, you never know what that very last one will offer! Prepare yourself and your companions mentally for a long eventful day, and know when to exit the stage!
  • Ensure you have a comfortable pair of shoes for the day! We know you will pick out some fabulous sparkly high heels for your big day, but the bridal show is not the place to rock those bad boys. It is likely you will spend several hours at the show, so do those lower extremities a favor and wear your favorite worn in pair of shoes.
  • Pack a highlighter or red pen. No girls, we aren’t taking you back to class. These are important to mark the vendor’s information in a special way that will indicate your level of interest. Star the phone number with a pen or highlight to "Call this one!" Make notes on business cards, the brochure or flyer for easy reference later.

It’s so close you can almost taste it (and the cake samples too!!) The waiting is almost over! Catch you girls tomorrow for the last and final bit of advice before the BIG DAY!