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We know you have a multitude of choices when it comes to selecting your sparklers for your big day and believe it or not, not all sparklers are created equal! So, we’ve put together this article to detail how sparklers work and showcase the differences between the many options available in an effort to help you find the highest quality, brightest burning and safest sparkler for your special day.


Let’s start with the chemistry of a sparkler. Don’t worry, we won’t go too deep but if you are the type who is interested in a deeper dive into the chemistry of a sparkler then check out the article the team over at Compound Interest has put together via the link below.


Sparklers are comprised of 4 parts. A shaft, metal fuel, binder, and an oxidizer. The shaft is typically wood or iron and is coated with the other 3 components. There are several different metal fuels and they are responsible for the color of the sparks and the sparks themselves. Some of the most common metal fuels are iron, magnesium and even titanium. The binder keeps everything suspended and coated to the shaft and also helps to slow the reaction making the sparkler burn longer. A typical binder found in most sparklers is dextrin.


The oxidizer is what makes the magic happen. The reaction we see when a sparkler burns is an oxidative reaction, and this is supplemented via the oxidizer. The most common oxidizers are metal nitrates, chlorates and perchlorates. These oxidizers are often used in aerial fireworks as well. Of these oxidizers the chlorates and perchlorates are the most volatile while nitrates tend to be more stable.


So, now that we have your head spinning you might be asking yourself, how does this help me in choosing the right sparklers for me? Well, here at Broadway Bridal, your safety and satisfaction are our number one concern. As such, we only offer the highest quality and safest sparklers. All of our sparklers are chlorate and perchlorate free making them the safest sparkler option available on the market – especially if we’re shipping to you!

Our sparklers have also been formulated and tested with the perfect balance of fuel, oxidizer and binder to offer the slowest available burn time with maximum sparkle effects! By using a more stable and safer oxidizer in combination with a precise amount of binder not only can we offer slower and consistent burn times from sparkler to sparkler, but the effect is virtually smokeless!


We hope we have been able to share some meaningful information and have helped make your sparkler selection a little easier!
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